Friday, April 1, 2011

Like Waiting For Paint To Dry...

And we all know what that's like. We keep putting our fingertips to the paint to test it and end up with painted fingertips. I've been trying to post an image every few hours in the hope that it will get through but so far no luck. I will head back to the forum and see what's happening about a fix...


  1. Surprised they havent sorted it yet. One other thing thats happening is in my feed reader (google), your post appears twice, but the first one takes me to a 404, eg but the second one works
    The difference is the title...happens quite a lot these days...

  2. Thanks Stu, I did try to post another with that title and deleted it... and I think I originally may have posted this one with that title and changed it... I will be very pleased when this damn thing is sorted. There's a lot of frustrated bloggers out there too...

  3. Keith, don't worry, be happy;-)
    There are a lot of pictures to be looked at.

  4. At least your smiling face is posting. Make a pic descriptions and when you get your pics to post post them all at once and we will try to figure out what goes with what!

  5. Thanks for your support... it can't take much longer to be fixed... can it?