Sunday, April 24, 2011

Introducing Benny...

You'll remember about a month ago, I posted what looked like and in fact was a modified 9kg gas bottle. Well now, named of course after 'You-Know-Who' the boy genius, here is 'Benny' the most wonderful outside cooker, brazier, bbq, water heater or just a joy to sit around under the stars and the moon. Very romantic.
Ben's constructed it out of 100% recycled materials, it looks very 'Heath Robinson' if you now what I mean and my Benny is unpainted to keep it authentic. It has a 1.5 metre chimney and amazingly, because of the 'genius' and his airflow design which I can't tell you about, all the smoke goes up the chimney.
As an option, a single burner gas hob fits inside the door using a cunningly designed device so it easily becomes a gas cooker too.
And if you'd like to buy one of these handmade masterpieces, I'm selling them on Ben's behalf so he can finish his amazing housebus, for $NZ250 plus freight to anywhere in NZ.
For me, Benny adds to my self sufficient lifestyle, enabling me to cook without gas anywhere anytime on any beach using the driftwood that is always in abundance.
Benny's my new best friend...
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  1. Why do I love fire?

  2. How heavy is it? It looks cool. Or hot. Which mean the same thing.

  3. Well, excluding the 1.5m chimney, I guess it weighs about 3 or 4 kg, is about 350mm diameter and about 400mm high... hey yes, Benny's 'cool' and 'hot' at the same time...

  4. Hello,

    Is there a lid that goes on top of that?