Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Flying Tortoise. Latest Developments...

The latest photos and story of The Flying Tortoise...This photo shows the two 125watt BP Solar panels atop the bus. They and an additional 85watt BP panel (used in winter) provide ample energy to the two 255amp hour AGM storage batteries. Having used solar power exclusively on yachts and on the road for the last twenty years I know you can never have too much solar and combined with the right storage capacity you will never go short of power.
There are eighteen cigarette lighter sockets installed inside the bus that allow the laptop, dvd music player and other things to plug in wherever required.
The laptop runs off a simple 12volt power adaptor that has multiple settings to accomodate any laptop. A small inverter is sometimes used to charge power tool batteries. A BP 30amp regulator is used plus a Link 10 Xantrex digital display that lets me know exactly the state of my batteries and what I'm using and getting in or how long I have to go before the batteries are even down to half full... It's all piece of mind stuff and it works wonderfully well.
The kayak in it's 'on the road' position. The storage 'shed' at the back which contains tools, outdoor furniture and miscellaneous nonsense was designed to fit in with the look of the bus... with the much photographed garden and then there's the wonderful benches, again made using 32mm aluminium tube and decking timber. There's one on each side... ideal for lying on under the sun, sleeping on, cooking on,filleting fish on, working on or displaying art and craft... folded up they fit snugly against the side of the bus.
Then if you like, there's a simple awning that fits on either side for sun protection or rain catching...
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  1. Just found your site from John Wells link, and am interested in your entry regarding the 12V plug-in for the laptop, can you send to me more info on this. I have a 2004 Casita with 95 watts of solar power charging 2 12V RV batteries, use a 145 watt inverter to plug in my laptop, but your setup sounds better.

  2. Hi Deane... the product I use is a 'Power Tech Plus' Auto laptop power supply MP3472. I don't know which part of the world you are, I'm in New Zealand, but would think this product is available world wide under various brands.