Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Inside/Outside Shower...

The Inside /Outside Shower for when you are in the center of a busy city and feel like freshening up before going out to dinner or when parked up and want a bit of privacy and shelter from the wind chill factor perhaps... now most housebuses have a door don't they!
So what are you waiting for?
You can easily retrofit this type of shower arrangement to most doors... (this one has the added bonus of being a Stable door as well...)
Simply hinge two pieces of aluminium sheet and hinge one onto the door, these pieces are approximately 1000mm deep x 600mm wide and as you can see or would if there was someone actually showering, there is almost total privacy, yes onlookers can see your legs... but hey.
And of course, there's no plumbing required... the shower water that was heated any way you chose simply deposits on the ground and goes away... all that is used on TFT is a simple and inexpensive 12volt shower head with its own little bilge pump... place it in a container with the water and... the unit folds flush against the door when not in use and takes no space at all... Yes the odd passerby has offered to do my back for me... pass the soap please.
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