Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Relaxing or Working...

Some views of the relaxing/working area inside TFT. In the top photo from the right hand side aft is a full length wardrobe, a portable 15ins dvd player with storage areas behind that... coming forward, there is the 'office area' with more storage for music books and firewood. Cane chairs make life so much more comfortable and have the versality of being able to be moved. Six can sit around the table for dinner. In the middle shot you will see, looking forward the fireplace and more wood storage... like solar panels, you can never have enough.

In the bottom photo you will see the fireplace with the specially designed and fabricated thirty litre hot water unit for general use and more especially hot water for the bath... look carefully and you'll see a tap on the front at the bottom... A wetback system for heating water was considered but the Little Cracker proves too efficient for the amount of water carried on board.
To the left is the canter-levered cooking unit that moves at will, or will if you want it to. When driving it is locked in position and the things on top are put away.
A toilet? I hear you ask, is easily accessible and the Thetford 365 just slides out from its storage position under the bed.
All this and more in an area 5.3m x 2.35m (12.5sq m) or 12ft 6ins x 7.6ins (131sq ft)
There is also (not shown) a PVC shower unit 900mm x 1500mm that suspends from the ceiling so one can shower in the warm on winter days. Stand in it and use the simple 12v hand shower with its own bilge pump in a container of hot water for a great shower. It has its own floor and when finished, simply take the shower bag outside, empty it, fold it up and put it away... it's one of the reasons the tiny space looks and feels so big!
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