Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time Out...

Taking time out from a busy schedule of doing nothing, Keith relaxes in isolated spendor at Cape Colvilles' Port Jackson, at the top of New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula... Little Barrier Island is in the background. The bath, a recent addition to The Flying Tortoise's quirky features is made from 32mm aluminium tubing and black pvc. Left in the sun for a while the water gets to a good temperature. Then there's the 'Solar Sausage' but that's another story... And if used indoors or under the stars at night, the hot water is heated either on the fire or by gas... yes, there is room for two... bookings essential!
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  1. Could you make the frame a little longer? LOL

  2. Yes, no problem with that Fran. I made it only 1200 long because the bigger it is, the more water, hot and cold you need to fill it. The size it is is the minimum size to fit two snuggley yet comfortably... For one it is wonderful.