Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Very Different Nomadic Lifestyle Of John Sears And His Three Mules...

John or Mule as he likes to be known is a man on a mission to go nowhere and to take his time getting there.
Sixty five year young Mule has been walking through the western US for the last thirty years, more recently with his three mules, Little Girl, Lady and Pepper.
He's an inspirational soul who knows it's all about the journey rather than the destination. When I come across a man like Mule
I just want to hug him.
What he's doing will be for some, right out of left field but he's offering to an insanely stupid money hungry world a bit of simple sanity and I love him for that too.
You won't find him on the Forbes list but Mule is one of the world's richest men. No not is terms of material worth or stocks and shares or monetary matters. He doesn't worship at the Temple of the God of Greed. No, Mule is fabulously wealthy because he has freedom. Personal freedom.
But says Mule, the urban sprawl is leaving little space for alternative modes of living and traveling and man is now programmed to rely on a car as their transport of choice.
While he tends to shun society's values, he does embrace technology using a mobile phone and a tablet in order to spread his message against urban sprawl. You'll find his blog here and more about John and his mules here and here. And here. Filmmaker, John McDonald regularly does an update on a facebook page here and fortunately a kindly lawyer, Sharon Sherman works pro bono to keep him safe from those who think he should be locked up. San Diego authorities have issued him with court proceedings against his freedom camping lifestyle and he'll be in court, with his mules in early 2014.
I've seen this inspiring individual before and then again on Lloyd's Blog the other day.
I wanted to know more about this marvelous man and his mules.
I thought you might like to too...

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  1. Now there is a man who LIVES life.

  2. new photos! nice to know he keeps travelling -

  3. Maybe it's time to consider changing the part of the American National Anthem that says: the land of the free, and the home of the brave. For people like Mule it might get them wondering. Who are the brave and who are the free? In light of being jailed and put into a mental institution for peacefully walking around with docile animals it appears further investigation is necessary. Perhaps the mules are not American citizens.