Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lest We Forget. An Artistic Reminder Of The D Day Landings At Normandy Beach...

A graphic reminder of the price some nine thousand brave souls paid during the D Day landings at Normandy Beaches on June 6, 1944.
Last September, British artists Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss took their project named The Fallen to the same beaches and assisted by hundreds of volunteers, stenciled nine thousand silhouettes representing those who perished in The War To End All Wars.
There's more to their story here.
Sadly, while politicians of today pay lip service to these fallen at commemorative services annually throughout the world, so many still possess the desire for more wars.
Using military or economic forces.
Often against their own people.
The tide must turn.
The world must surely be running out of beaches to commemorate today's dead
and tomorrow's dying...

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  1. What an incredible artistic achievement but a tragic confirmation of man's inhumanity to man - and for what may one ask??..Nothing is ever resolved through war - we still have these almost 70 years later!!

  2. For the family and friends of those who gave their lives the war to end all wars will never be over.Their loss will forever be tattooed on their hearts. The reality is that you cannot stencil nor legislate good behaviour.

    1. Just pointing out a fact, but the stencils are done to signify the loss of troops on D-day. D-day was part of WW2. The war to end all wars was WW1.

      World War 1 was called the war to end all wars because it was a war in which the combatants mobilised all their resources, military, industrial and human, on a scale never before thought possible. Historians estimate that over 30 million people were killed and wounded.

  3. The memory of the allied landings are held strongly along the Normandy coast -

    - yet as you say the wars continue - a poignant piece of art work

  4. It seems to me that far too few people really hate war like they should. Except maybe those who've survived it.

  5. horrible yes; the alternatives were worse

  6. The United States Congress has shut down the government. The World War II Memorial in Washington, DC was closed to everyone, including Veterens. A contingent of vets from Texas brought chain cutters and the group that arrived were determined to get in if they had so storm the place. They were allowed in. All vets are allowed into the memorials while our government is closed. Still heroes to this day. Politicians, are you not ashamed???