Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Latest In Caravans Of The Future. The Yacht Inspired Caravisio Camper Concept...

No, this latest concept of a caravan for the future is definitely not my idea of something to get away in to commune with the great outdoors.
It's far removed from anything to do with nature and the environment. It's certainly got little or nothing to do with camping.
But it's the latest concept by German Caravan manufacturer Knaus Tabbert who's very aware of the declining caravan numbers in Europe.
So, in collaboration with twenty other industry experts, they drew inspiration from cruising yachts to design the Caravisio concept camper.
It's been on display at the 2013 Dusseldorf Caravan show and there's more
to see here and here.
Camping in the future will be a whole new concept. Whoopdeedoo... 

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  1. Man, that's one plug-ugly thing.

  2. A bit too much of a cross between the Vogon Lander and a high-speed train. But actually I can see the appeal of these machines. Seemingly the idea is to make a small interior feel spacious and even luxurious. I just think they need to settle on something better than an imperial Jetsons Death Star pod as the basis of their aesthetic. Maybe a retread of Bucky Fuller's Dymaxion automobile, with a bit of Roger Dean's personal retreat pod thrown in for good measure..?

  3. Dang, it looks like a boat to me. . .

  4. My thoughts exactly - what Barbara said!!

  5. Last month (19th of Sept.) featured a motorhome that resembled Conan the Barbarian on wheels, now we have something that looks like an analgesic in capsule form. I think a walk in nature with lunch in my backpack will satisfy any urge to commune with nature a whole lot better than these. Whole lot cheaper too!