Monday, October 21, 2013

Elephant Poachers Are Fair Game And Should Be Shot On Sight Says Tanzanian Official...

Wonderful sentiments indeed and the wildlife population will heartily endorse the comments by the Tanzanian Minister for National Resources and Tourism Khamis Kagasheki.
There's more here.
'Elephant poachers are fair game and should be shot on sight'. said Mr Kagasheki. 'They must be harshly punished because they are merciless people who wantonly kill our wildlife and sometimes our game wardens. I'm very aware that human rights activists will make an uproar at my comment but shooting these culprits on the spot would go a long way towards stopping the killing of our wildlife. Remember, the poachers are killing our elephants at a rate of one every fifteen minutes'.
I'm sure the elephants that are left won't forget Mr Kagasheki...

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  1. It would be entirely different if, out of desperation, they were killing the animals to eat them, but they let the meat rot.

  2. I couldn't agree more with Mr Kagasheki... shoot them.

  3. They're killing them for money!! Totally support that wonderful man - shoot them on sight!!

  4. hmmmm....killing all the killers...tempting....VERY tempting indeed......"do you have any cannibals here?" "no! absolutely not!! this week, we ate the last one!"

  5. shoot 'em on sight!

  6. It may be just, and might prove effective. However, rough justice has its downsides. Beware the law of unintended consequences.