Friday, October 11, 2013

Portugal's Simple And Stunning Tree Snake House...

This stunningly simple house in the trees is the work of Portuguese architects Luis Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade.
The 290 square foot or 27 square metre Tree Snake House was built in 2012 and there's more about the beautifully conceived structure here.
And I didn't think I liked Tree Snakes.
I guess I'd been thinking of snakes in the grass...

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  1. ??? I'm not gettin' it. A long, exposed walkway without even an alcove for a sunning chair leads to a coffin-like bedroom with a bare mattress and one window? What's with these guys? Are they phobic about living on the Earth with the rest of us?

    Lord above!! There's two of these things!

    The more I see the products of architects, the more I think we should send them in a rocket to the sun with the lawyers and politicians.

    1. Haha, so does this mean you don't like it...
      I'm very happy with your suggestion about the lawyers and politicians though. Brilliant my friend.
      But we may need the architects to design the rockets...

  2. This snake-like structure fits perfectly into its environment. How lovely for tree watching by day and star gazing by night. The austerity creates an atmosphere for soul fasting which will bring the body back into balance. Love it!

  3. But those *are* rockets. See the launch ramps? The Pharoahnic sepulchre motif is all about astral travel.

    Have you ever read any texts by contemporary architects, or read the discussions on their web forums? They talk the most incredible crap, all about "sculpting space," as if the materials used were of no consequence. That field is overdue for a major shakeout, as are most of the arts.