Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Last House Standing. Strange Urban Images By Photographer Ben Marcin...

Self taught photographer Ben Marcin was born in Augsbury Germany twenty seven or so years ago. He now lives in Baltimore.
There's more about him here.
My intent he says, in photographing these solitary buildings was not only for their ghostly beauty but for their odd placement on the urban landscape. They were not designed to stand alone like this.
There may have been ten or twenty similar buildings on either side but these have been torn down, demolished for a variety of reasons, many financial. And one day as I was photographing a seemingly abandoned dwelling, the front door swung open and an older man wearing a bathrobe and jeans walked out and confronted me. What was I doing and why was I doing it. He was definitely ready to defend not only his home.
And at that moment I understood why his house was still standing...

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  1. Old people Rule!!! Glad that guy still holds on to his home. I wonder how much longer he can hold out.

  2. Imagine the stories these buildings would tell if they could talk.

  3. My thoughts exactly Suzie..what secrets do they hold I wonder..

  4. Depends how long he lives.

    I like the one with the gnarly tree in front.

  5. what past stories.. what future ones?

  6. Remind anyone of the animated movie, Up?