Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Inspirational Michael Trimble. Being Born In Chernobyl And Having No Arms Hasn't Stopped Him Riding A Bicycle...

Twenty seven year old Michael was born without arms in Soviet era Ukraine, his birth defect a result of the 1986 disaster in Chernobyl.
He was one of thousands to be affected and can happily say, pun intended, It's not the hand you are dealt, it's how you play that hand.
He was lucky too. An American couple adopted Michael when he was seven and took him to live in Pittsburgh USA.
His gym teacher at the school he attended modified an old bicycle and Michael had his first taste of cycling, something he was to fall in love with but many years were to pass before he could realise this particular dream.
Michael graduated from Pittsburgh's Duquesne University with a degree in political science and the desire to be mobile on two wheels again.
Fortunately he met the wonderful Michael Brown of Maestro Frameworks and that meeting was life changing.
Now Michael can ride a bike, something most of us take for granted.
This remarkable young man wants to become a motivational speaker hoping to inspire others and show that despite seeming insurmountable odds, anything that you wish for can be achieved.
Treehugger have a wonderfully inspiring six minute video by Andrew Rush here and there's an interview with Michael here
If you can dream it, you can do it...

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  1. Where there is a will there is a way, right?

  2. Everything he's wearing, floppy trousers and shirt and scuffs on his feet, seem designed to get caught up or fall off and become tangled. Seems like a guy who makes a difficult task even more of a challenge. Bravo -

  3. Susanne, I find our perspectives much different; as I noticed the floppy clothing and sandals he was wearing on the bike I momentarily considered the poor choice he made and them it immediately occurred to me that he woull have found it much easier to go for a bike ride with no clothing at all because he has got no arms. I thougth to myself, "what would i be wearing if i had no arms, how would i put it on and get it off"?
    No doesn't that sort cause you taste the flavor of your foot in your mouth when remembering your statement "Seems like a guy who makes a difficult task even more of a challenge. Bravo -"
    Let us hope you never actually need to experience armlessness to appreciate the joy Michael is experiencing in something as simple as riding your own bicycle.

  4. Mike is an amazing human being. He wears the "floppy" clothing because he is self sufficient with his daily activities like getting dressed. A floppy shirt has a chest pocket that he can reach into with his foot to pull out whatever he is carrying ( a key, a credit card ). His flip flops let him quickly do things with his feet that we take for granted being able to do with our hands. Putting shoes on for Mike is like someone with normal fingers and hands trying to get dressed, brush & floss teeth and type up a facebook status wearing mittens. Please come to Pittsburgh and spend just a few hours "in Mike's shoes". He is incredible and I wish I had a fraction of his determination and desire!

  5. After reading some of the comments, I think it is more true now than ever that "Some people can not see the forrest for the trees." In other words, do not be so visual. As the title says, "Inspirational."