Saturday, October 19, 2013

HEALTH WARNING: It's Possible That Living In A Tiny House Will Cause You To Live Longer...

It's quite possible that the health benefits that come with living in a tiny house could cause you to live longer.
I have no scientific or medical evidence to back up that claim. There are no statistics that I'm aware of to back up my theory but I believe it's true and here's why.
You'll spend less of your precious time working to pay for it, the insurance, the rates, the maintenance. Hence less stress.
And then there's material possessions. You simply won't need as many so you won't have to earn money to buy them. You can go window shopping which is fun and it won't cost a penny. 
You'll spend less of your precious time commuting to and from work in rush hour traffic. Hence less stress. You might be able to live without an automobile, wow, no parking problems, no costly repairs and on-road costs. You might ride a bicycle or take public transport. That's radical. That's also less money you have to earn. That's good, that's less stressful.
You'll spend less on medical bills.
You'll have fewer outgoings and less or no debt and being in debt is very stressful.
You'll have more of your precious time to spend doing the things that really matter like spending quality time with family and friends.
You'll have more time for leisure activities. More time in the outdoors, more time in the garden growing your own food.
More time for healthy living.  
As you know, stress is a huge contributing factor to heart disease. And stress is a huge contributing factor to a range of cancers.
So surely making your life stress free will cause you to live longer.
That's my theory and I subscribe to it.
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  1. Wish I had known you a number of years ago, Keith when I thought 180 square meters was small. You could of set me straight then and I would have saved myself a lot of stress and money. Luckily, old dogs can still learn new tricks. Thanks.

  2. I always figured the time spent living on a tiny sailboat wasn't counted against me.

  3. I live there now - it's called my imagination and you're right! Just haven't learned quite how to transport it into reality - but I'm not giving up!.

  4. Yes I agree. Simple living, less possessions and no debt all equal less stress. And yes, distress is a huge contributor to heart disease and cancers. Some stress is stimulating but too much distress which is considered minor trauma, releases too much plasma-like fluids (blood proteins and water) out of the blood capillaries. This causes a shock-like effect on the body it produces trapped plasma proteins, excess fluid and sodium into the lymphatic system which the body cant get rid of and it causes damage at a cellular level. These cells are vulnerable therefore heart disease and cancers. Too much sudden shock on the body = death from the above process. Complex... But learn to manage distress.

  5. pure's just that having lived for, all counted, decennies from a backpack, I still wonder about all those gables, colonnades, upper storeys, haunted chimneys, slates, brass fittings, tapestries, marbles, stained glass, and all the rest I would have to look up in a dictionary; could that be due to living in lands deprived of good, old haystacks? Many of those incredibly cute tinies seem to dream of a moat and a dragon in the cave cellar...miniature serfs too?

  6. sorry - I'm being unfair: some beautifully simple houses here. I just have been wondering about how the entire movement has those fringes..?

  7. Lester Walker has a wonderful collection of these treasures in his book, "Tiny Houses", including his own design.