Sunday, September 11, 2011

Two Little Red Housetrucks...

I found the Bedford housetruck on Lloyds Blog yesterday and don't know anything about it. It is certainly very lovely with its board and batten construction, it's curved roof and its chimney and I'm sure the interior is as gorgeous.
The lower photo is of my 1952 Morris Commercial that I built and lived in for six years before The Flying Tortoise. I purposefully designed and build it to look like a packing crate or a box and it had only one window plus a skylight. It was totally minimalistic, approximately 7sq metres or just under 74sq feet and the most beautiful Japanese styled interior to live in...
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  1. Looks neat. Got a shot of the inside Keith?

  2. I think I posted some images a couple of years ago but will post some here again soon...

  3. Think this entry is a cover for a Cov-ert deployment - a heavily disguised person who could have been Keith, with an attractive lady on his arm , yes, that certainly sounds like Keith , was seen in a completely
    out of character location - but my lips are sealed-

  4. Is it hard to find parts for the old trucks?

  5. There seems to still be ample parts available here in NZ for these trucks. Once you own one you keep finding plenty of farmers and others who still have bits and pieces stored on their farms etc and if you have to have a part made, it's not too difficult either. My Morris had a Nissan 28D engine with a ten speed gearbox. I really enjoyed the years we had together...