Sunday, September 4, 2011

On Ninety Mile Beach...

I spent last night freedom camping a few feet away from the beach at the tiny settlement of Ahipara.
This beautiful area is the southern most part of New Zealand's famous Ninety Mile Beach which I walked before breakfast and found it to be only about 55 miles.
Somebody's been exaggerating again...
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  1. Lol, 60mi before breakfast. Who's exagerating?

  2. If you stomp-slide your feet
    the sand will whistle.

    You can make your own tune...

  3. If I remember correctly, the origin of the name came from a bloke who reckoned that he could walk 30 miles per day. It took him three days to walk the beach, so he figured it was 90 miles long.

    I guess they have changed methods for measuring things since then.

  4. I'll try the stomp-slide one day Ace...
    Having just looked at Wikipedia, I find that it's only 55 miles. You're right Stuart, the missionaries of long ago didn't take into account that their horses walked slower on sand. They figured it was 90 miles. I think the missionaries have a lot to answer for...