Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life's A Beach...

You know how it goes. And then you...
Well hopefully not today but I'm just on my way to the local hospital for a medical procedure known as a Cardio Version. I've had many of them, this will be number ten. My heart has gone from Sinus Rhythm into AF as it's commonly known. When the rate is fast and irregular it's not good and very debilitating. Usually it gets back into rhythm by itself with a bit of gentle coaxing and controlled breathing from me.
Not this time unfortunately and it's been ninety six hours too long so it's off to Kaitaia Hospital I go.
With a bit of luck, I'll see you tomorrow...
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  1. Sending you a bit of extra luck!!!
    Lots more sunrises to see!!!

  2. You have to have rhythm when you listen to the music of nature the way you do. Am certain that we will be reading your new blog tomorrow.

  3. Best wishes for more years at the beach.