Thursday, September 1, 2011

Neglect. It's An Art Form...

Yesterday as TFT ventured further north toward the top of New Zealand, I found, amongst other pieces of art that have been left to weather and age over the years, these two examples of studied neglect. Depending whether you see a glass as being half full or half empty you might see them as being in good repair or disrepair.
A tourist attraction or a tourist detraction.
I'm looking forward to exploring this marvellous Far North gallery and its exhibits...

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  1. Big thumbs up for these great pieces of nostalgia !! So many old abandoned dwellings around rural NZ....If only they could talk, the stories they would be able to tell..

  2. You should visit the cat house round the corner here.
    Worst house of the street some people say.
    Random acts of letting be, I say.