Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Long Way From The Long Drop...

The humble loo isn't so humble any more.
This is the Kohler Numi Toilet and probably the world's most perfect toilet... if you like that sort of thing.
At $6,390 it's probably the world's most expensive but before you poo-poo it, have a look at its features.
With a touch screen, it's completely hands free and if you'll pardon the expression, it has a motion detector. Also a built in bidet and a warm air dryer. Of course it has a built in music system, a deodorizer and a heated seat, an absolute must on these chilly mornings. Oh yes, it glows in the dark too.
I think I'll put a his and hers on The Flying Tortoise...
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  1. Just two? what? Not a third one for guests?

  2. Made me think of Crocodile Dundee! I once plumbed in a toilet wrong and had hot water in it..was sure a strange but kinda nice feeling.

  3. What happens when you blow the fuse...

  4. Probably the choice of music would put me off installing one!