Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crotchless In Auckland...

Sorry that should be 'Crutchless in Auckland'.
Yesterday I saw the surgeon who did my hip replacement. He gave me an excellent report and told me to throw away my crotches, get ready to drive The Flying Tortoise again, polish up my golf clubs, get out my dancing shoes, my boogie board, and live life again.
So, it's a great day to celebrate with a night on the town...
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  1. Just heard on the news that there were 90,000 hip replacements recalled. If I had one, they would have to call awfully loud for me to do it over. Hope you got one of the good ones.

  2. That is good news - so nice to hear this sort of reality after all the media hipe we get thrown at us - looking forward to having a Happy Hour with you soon.

  3. Good to hear but the picture looks like you were legless!

  4. Haha, fancy being legless, crotchless and fortunately not looking at a recall. It's all good news...

  5. Hip hip hooray! Good to hear you have a great result.