Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bureaucracy And A Little Old Lady...

Eighty six year old Anna van den Bogaart, no relation to Humphrey, was fined $150 yesterday for parking in a disability carpark with an expired mobility parking permit.
She's an elderly lady for god's sake, you'd think there'd be some caring, compassion, kindness and understanding for a person of that age who forgets to renew her disability permit.
Wouldn't you?
No. Not in this greed ridden and punitive society with it's inflexible rules and regulations enforced by an ever increasing number of officious and arrogant bureaucrats!
Well I've had my say on the matter...
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  1. It sounds like you are descibing our bureaucrats!!

  2. They need to generate money to give themselves raises. Grrrr

  3. Sounds just England these days..."Greed ridden" is a very apt description.