Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Lighthouse Hotel...

Over thirty metres high and more than thirty miles off the coast of Bremerhaven, Lower Saxony, this 125 year old lighthouse has been functioning as Germans 'loneliest hotel' and has welcomed more than 800 happy guests over the last ten years.
There's a bedroom that sleeps six and a combined living area and kitchen. The bathroom is seventy steps away.
There's no golf course, no valet or room service, no morning paper and no guarantee that the tugboat will be able to take you off to meet your scheduled flight home.
A bit of an adventure really with great sea views...

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  1. That would be a neat place to stay. Bet the fishing is good.

  2. Although Lighthouse „Roter Sand“ = “red sand” is only 100 km beeline away from our home we never saw it in reality.