Thursday, August 26, 2010


A winters morning, get up, light the fire...
Some self raising flour, milk, a nob of butter, a pinch of salt, mix it, leave to sit for a few minutes and then... Mmmm. That wonderful aroma. Yummy.
Lovely hot pikelets fresh off the firetop...
Now what to have on them.
I think some delicious Canadian maple syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice for me.
What will you have on yours...
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  1. Ok, you've got me....I am positively drooling....Wonder whether they will go with my whitebait fritters? The fresh lemon juice would, but not too sure about the maple syrup..

  2. Want to swap one Whitebait fritter for say a dozen pikelets?

  3. I think i might have mashed banana and some whipped cream .No whitebait here the river is to dirty

  4. Dang Trotoise, you got me a drooling,too. But I never heard of pikelets nor whitebait? Looking at your recipe, it sounds like griddle cakes or pan cakes, but what is whitebait? Now you got me a Wondering. . .

  5. Whitebait are a very small translucent fish, about 2 inches long, (50mm) mostly fresh water and thousands of people go mad for them in this part of the world. They are a real delicacy, sometimes selling for more than $100 a kilo. They are caught using nets. People go to their favourite places that they've been using for years and fish there when the season opens. One has to be careful not to go on someone elses territory, people take it very seriously... but they are beautiful to eat... and yes Pikelets are really a small version of a pancake... try googling whitebait...