Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Morning...

One Great Big Monster Date Scone this morning, griddle style I guess on top of the fire.
Shame you didn't get any.
You have to be quick around here, especially for Slow Food.
Some Andrea Bocelli sounds because Sunday is Opera.
And a walk on the beach...
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  1. That's a pretty big scone. Hmm, and I'm looking at it just as I wake up, ready for breakfast.

  2. Which piece was going to be mine??? Dang, I am getting hungry.

  3. Appears well browned. If it has dates in it would be truly scrumptious.

  4. Well guys, there was plenty for all but nobody showed up and yes it was bloody scrumptious! I did share it around here though, there were a few happy campers... Hey Bill when are you coming up this way?

  5. Impossible Keith I know to share the scone but you could at least share the recipe!

  6. what about baked spud ,burst open with mushroom sauce flowing over it next time

  7. The recipe is under lock and key with a computerised setting in a Swiss bank vault manned 24/7 by a heavily armed contingent of mercenaries sworn to absolute secrecy, but I think I have a copy of it on a scrap of paper somewhere... mmm a burst baked spud eh... will see what I can do...