Monday, August 16, 2010

Hundertwasser at Kawakawa...

Thousands of people visit the famous Hundertwasser toilets in Northland's little town of Kawakawa but fortunately not all at the same time. While there was a wee break in the flow and people were doing their business elsewhere I managed to get these images for you. Hundertwasser lived in this area of New Zealand for many years and it's known as his spiritual home.
How I wish we had more of this marvellous man's magic creations here to enjoy...

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  1. Wow, a bright and beutiful spot to go.

  2. They are spectacular...only trouble is they need some more...whenever I have been there, a queue has formed in front, and everybody takes ages to come back out again, no doubt drinking in the art, while those on the outer cross legs and fingers waiting for their turn, minding their own business, I guess....

  3. I think they will have someone giving out numbered cards and while you are waiting, you can go over the road to the Trainspotting Cafe for their wonderful coffee and the world's bestest muffins... then when it is your turn they will call out 'Come in Number 4, it's your turn for number 2!' Or something like that... just kidding