Saturday, August 7, 2010

Big Is Beautiful...

Rudi and Els's beautiful big Bedford. Seen here at DoC's Uretiti campground on New Zealand's Northland coast.
A poplular place for camping over for a few days especially if you wish to enjoy the world renowned naturist beach a few metres away.
Lot's do...
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  1. You all have some really nice and unique motor-homes over there in New Zealand. Are they only manufactured and sold in your country, or are they available world wide? I have never seen any adds for them here in Texas.

  2. All the ones you will see here DD are all 'individually' made by the owners for themselves. Or they have been onsold of course. I will not show a 'production' bus unless it is exceptional and there are very few that are. Even though it is getting harder keeping these beautiful old buses on the road because of more and more restrictions, there are many hundreds of them around NZ. So keep an eye out for many more to be featured here...