Friday, February 6, 2009

If you can dream it, you can do it...

Fly me to the Moon and let me stay well clear of cars...
Let me see what life is like in Wanaka and Thames crooned Tortoise,
knowing that the last place should have rhymed with Mars...
but no matter...a little thing like that was not going to ruin the day...

Tortoise was so excited with the prospect of learning to fly
and phoned the 'How to Fly in 3 Easy Lessons' company
and booked a gorgeous instructor to help make learning
so much more pleasurable.
Tortoise turned out to be a wonderful student
and mastered Flying 101 within minutes.

After two lessons, Miss Jones, the beautiful blonde instructor
presented Tortoise with a pair of wonderful silver wings,
said that Tortoise was ready to fly solo or could soar even higher
a beautiful double act should the occasion arise.
And what about dinner tonight...

Tortoise was over the moon!


  1. Y'all know what we say here on the in-ter-net: Without pictures, it didn't happen...