Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Tortoise dreams of flying...

Come fly with me.
Let's fly.
Let's fly away...
sang Old Blue Eyes as Tortoise listened to breakfast radio one day...
That's a great idea Tortoise thought.
After all, my friend Cow jumped over the moon,
Owl and Pussy Cat went to sea in a pea green boat,
Mouse ran up the clock, Lamb follows that bloody Mary around all day,
Wolf blows down houses for the hell of it,
Mr Ed got famous with his public speaking and has his late night talk show,
Hare's looking for another race.
I've heard of pigs flying so why not me!


  1. Oh and dont forget that little pink porker that ened up as a movie star with two big screen adventures...

  2. You realize, of course, that if this was a forum instead of a blog, sharks (airbourne or otherwise) who dig up necro-posts like this would bump them back to the top of the heap by posting a reply, rather like pigs rooting up a garden seeking tubers (if they weren't so busy flapping their wings).