Friday, February 13, 2009

Antarticans invade New Zealand...

31 billion new immigrants arrive in NZ!

The largest ever influx of skilled migrants has secretly arrived in New Zealand over the last few weeks this intrepid journalist has discovered...
Believed to be at least 31 billion skilled Ants have arrived in God's Own in specially chartered Boeing aircraft from their homeland Antartica.

Immigration officials are frantically tying to find accomodation and jobs for the new arrivals but they seem skilled at finding their own.
Very few of the new arrivals have work permits or even visitors visas and neighbourhoods are fearful they will join the already increasing numbers of street workers.
City councils are busy as we speak drafting new bylaws to prevent them working in close proximity to play centres and churches.

The new National government, not yet through it's first crucial 100 days is thought to be having secret talks with it's old nemisis and ex Minister of Foreign Affairs, You Know Who.

The NZ government has imposed a complete ban on publishing photos of Antarticans because they don't want to have to see them interviewed on the media or appearing on Youtube... however watch this space... we intend to be first with candid interviews and compromising videos.


  1. ...??? Someone must have blundered into that stash of bad acid that was going around...

    1. The photo seems to have disappeared too...

    2. Maybe the photo was actually just a hallucination?