Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Flying Tortoise and Earthrace in Whangarei on the same day...

Thousands of visitors and locals queued in the sunshine today for tours of the World's slowest airbus and the fastest boat to ever circle the globe...
Whangarei turned on a spectacular day and as we go to press, 11,932 people had toured the spacious Flying Tortoise Wide Bodied Harebus and only 14 people were able to squeeze onboard the very cramped but never the less impressive Earthrace...
And yes... a race is on the cards... place your bets... The Flying Tortoise leaves tomorrow for Auckland and Earthrace will compete in the race to Auckland but is going fishing for a few days enroute...
Sound familiar?

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  1. I went on the Earthrace when it was in NZ prior to it's race. Imagine my delight and surprise when it made it all the way to where I live in Bristol harbour in the UK. (We don't allow fishing boats in the harbour). It was heartwarming and emothional to see it again. Good luck to all who sail in her!

    Jacqui x

  2. As a new Follower, I just realized The Flying Tortoise is your's wonderful!

  3. Right, and where is Earthrace today? At the bottom of the Southern Ocean after being renamed and used to harass Japanese whaling vessels.

    And where is the Flying Tortoise today? Unknown. Her skipper ceased updating the ship's journal. Missing, presumed having a good time...

    1. The Flying Tortoise and I are roaming New Zealand's beautiful Far North... and the fish are biting and the stories are rhyming...