Monday, February 28, 2011

The World's Largest Family

Sixty seven year old Ziona lives with his family, all one hundred and eighty one of them, in a one hundred room house in the hills around Mizoram, North East India.
He has 39 wives, 94 children, 14 daughters in law and 33 grandchildren.
Zathiangi, his oldest wife is the organiser of the household.
A typical evening meal could see the family consume 30 chickens, 130lbs of potatoes and 220lbs of rice.
Imagine taking the family out to a restaurant.
Imagine the bill!
Ziona's younger wives sleep nearer to his bedroom, the older ones further away and they all take turns sleeping with him.
Each about nine times a year.
Sounds like fun...
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  1. I have hardly enough money for one or two persons, let alone 180 of them.

  2. I would like a little more peace and quiet. On reflection, you would not walk alone.


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  4. I like reading your's always interesting. Hope you are well...Cheers

  5. 39 wives sounds like fun? Keith set the beer on the table and back away!