Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh No! Not Again!

We in New Zealand are used to seeing photos like this coming out of war zones and disasters overseas but this is a photo from home.
Just down the road.
Today the effects of a 6.3 earthquake centred a few kilometres out of Christchurch and only 5 kilometres deep has devastated all of us and this already devastated city.
Until now, this small country has somehow avoided large catastrophic events.
We have been lucky and now our luck has run out.
People can never be ready though for this sort of photo of such a familiar and close place and we certainly aren't.
There will be only bad news in the next little while unfortunately as the results of this disaster emerge.
There will be deaths and there will be the homeless, there will be huge and unbelievable sadness in the days to come.
Some have kindly contacted me with sympathy and concern.
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  1. There is a bumper sticker in California. "Earthquakes do no kill people, houses do".
    Any time I hear about deaths due to earthquakes I think of this. Glad you are safe in your housetruck.