Monday, February 7, 2011

Motorhoming in 1928...

In 1928 this was the sort of vehicle you had if you wanted to spend time on the road with all the modern conveniences of the day.
Mr and Mrs Cornflakes Kellogg from Michigan just loved getting away from it all but seemed they wanted to take a lot of it with them too...
They had this very elaborate 27ft long mobile home made on a truck chassis. Weighing 11000lbs, it had a 45hp engine and could cruise at 35mph.
Boasting a refrigerator with an ice maker, a shower bath, toilet, hot and cold running water, an electric cooker, a two burner oil cooker, a heater, two single beds and yes, a bed at the rear for the driver. There was a telephone system between the lounging area where the Kelloggs would travel in and the drivers compartment up front.
Because Mr Kellogg enjoyed the great outdoors so much, the Ark as the vehicle was called, also carried a 15ft foldable boat for fishing and exploring.
And powered by All Bran...
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