Monday, June 7, 2010

More About Nothing...

Nothing. No thing...
Having no possessions.
Having nothing to tie you down.
Nothing to prevent you doing anything you want,
whenever you wanted...
Having nothing was something
I became acutely aware of
some many years ago...
Having nothing meant that
I didn't have to insure it,
worry about someone stealing it or damaging it.
I didn't have to paint it, clean it or
have someone mind it if I went away.
I didn't have to pay to store it somewhere
and then forget where...
Life was simpler.
I didn't have to carry the burden of things
with me.
Life became easier...
Oh, The Joy of Nothing!
Or even, as now, very little...

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  1. Minimalist's Unite!

  2. Inspiration for someone like me, who one day turned around to take a look at all he accumulated and asked himself, "How did you get all this crap?"

    I've posted about possessions in my blog.