Monday, May 3, 2010

One Amazing Housetruck...

2 adults, 2 children, 7 popouts and 2 popups.
Here is what you might do if you have little money, a big dream, the loan of a piece of land to live on and a huge desire to follow that dream. You scrape together some cash and materials and put your very considerable imagination and innovative skills to work and you build a housetruck with seven popups, two popups, decks, a fireplace, bathroom and toilet, all to accommodate your family of four. It weighs about 20 tonnes... it all pops in and down to be road legal and it does drive...
Friends of mine built and live in it somewhere in New Zealand's Northland.
Amazing isn't it...

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  1. Simply New Zelanders are a crafty group!

  2. crikey! thats incredible. I'd like to know where everything goes when its folded up!

  3. Six popouts and 2 popups-I am an architect and this is what I call a great bit of architecture. I know them and the details are fantastic-no leaks!And its road legal-takes a couple of days to fold tho.Gary

  4. Sorry SEVEN popouts !!!!!! Gary again