Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life In New Zealand...

This is how it is and how it was, but life on the road for this friend and fellow traveller in the future is not looking all that rosy.
Our wonderful life style is being threatened by ignorant and arrogant people who think that it's ok to leave litter anywhere they please and literally shit in their own playground. There is no excuse for this sort of behaviour and legislation will NOT prevent it!
Unfortunately in New Zealand, we have more than our share of ignorant and arrogant bureaucrats with tunnel vision and who are sadly lacking in imagination. Their only answer is to blanket ban everything that moves and tax anything that doesn't. Or is it the other way round. They too, threaten our existence, as they always have. People are very nervous of those wishing to live outside the square. Because they don't understand it, they themselves find it threatening, their insecurities blossom and take fanciful flights.
For overseas friends of this Blog who think that New Zealand is the last bastion in the world for folk with Gypsy inclinations and ideas of a free life on the road, you may well be right, but for how much longer I wonder.
There is much media attention focusing on the issue of 'Freedom Camping' at this time. Watch this litter free space...
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  1. Politicians are a scourge to freedom loving peoples everywhere!

  2. Ah, it's a shame.

    That picture could almost have been us 2 years ago, although our Hiace was several years older and, er, gifted with additional 'character'.

    Even then, unfortunately, freedom camping seemed on the wane. Maybe it was our unfamiliarity with the NZ social conventions surrounding picking spots that made it seem awkward. Still, some of my happiest memories are of pulling up and spending the night alone, quiet under the brilliant stars, at places like Gillespie's Beach.

    The sadness is that we can't figure out a way to deal with antisocial behavior, so we pass laws restricting everyone's freedom. Banning freedom camping won't stop littering. Ask anyone from the US. It just funnels more $$$ into the pockets of holiday park owners and dilutes again the ways we have of enjoying nature.

    When did we give up negotiation, civility, and tolerance as the bedrock for personal interaction? When did we start needing laws to keep us safe from those who intend us no harm? Punish the abuser of privilege - the polluter, the litterer - don't outlaw privilege itself!


  3. Sometimes I wonder if it's better for everyone if we all just disconnected. By that I mean, everything from your records with the government all the way to internet, phone, etc.

    Naturally there are some mod cons that help us out, but the way the world is heading. I feel sorry for my children, their children and worse still, their children.