Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Say Hello...

Say hello to Al and Mr Paddy who've been on the road together for about five years in their 1980 J2S Beddy. TFT met these colourful and delightful characters this morning on the way into Waihi, in New Zealand's Bay of Plenty.
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  1. Looks like he is living the good life..I admit to being geography challenged. New Zealand is 2 islands, I just found out. Which one are you on?

  2. Hi Frann, NZ is actually 3 islands but the third one is very small, it's called Stewart Island, down at the bottom of the South Island. TFT is currently in the North Island at a place called Katikati at the moment... try Google Maps and type in 149 Wharawhara Road, Katikati, Bay of Plenty, NZ. You might even see me!

  3. I Googled your address. It looks beautiful there but from the satellite view I can't really tell..does the land have terracing? I love the old buss here it has so much character.