Friday, April 30, 2010


This structure is Waihi's Cornish Pumphouse. It's a relic from the past and the original gold mine that operated from the 1880's to 1952. The powers that be moved the location of it in 2006 by 275 metres.
It weighs 2000 tonnes and it took 3 or 4 very strong men to move it... it's the heaviest single structure ever moved in New Zealand's history, so they say... it was slid along teflon coated concrete beams.
It is actually vertical, I was on a lean at the time, it's a way I prefer to see the world...
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  1. Interesting lesson in history, thanks for that.....Looking at the pumphouse, or maybe slumphouse, it is easy to understand that Waihi is built on a honeycomb of derelict gold mines. Hope this photo isnt a precedent to the old relic toppling into a collapsed underground
    catacomb....Enjoying reading the blog....