Monday, July 12, 2010


Ryokan. A Japanese Tradition.
For many years now, this beautiful book has been one of the most treasured
of my few possessions.
Living the lifestyle I do requires things around me to be if possible, multifunctional.
This publication is my Everything Book, a place to find solace in times of stress, with quality paper to turn in times of joyous solitude. Where I go for a Tea Ceremony or a walk through beautiful serene sacred times and places.
A celebration of peace and joy.
Where I may lay my head to rest.
A Ryokan is a small Japanese inn one might stay awhile but it is also a combination of Japanese art and culture of bygone centuries.
Here in this Koneman published treasure trove are examples of architecture, woodblock printing, ceramics, clothing and cuisine.
After reading this book a long time ago, I had to search the world for my own copy.
It was worth it...
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