Thursday, July 1, 2010

Y'urt to see this...

In the mountains of Kyrgustan, some of the modern day Kyrgyz Nomads drive motorbikes and cars to and from their traditional yurts.
Yes, they still have horses and tend their herds as they have done for centuries says Jim Eagles who took this photo,
but times are changing.
A shame really...
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  1. It's quite bizarre isn't it! It reminds me of my recent trip to Samoa where most people in the villages still live in their open-sided fales (houses) partly wrapped with tarpaulins, and where they have they fridge/freezers, huge flat-screen TV's and fully upholstered lounge suites!

  2. And why not? Times always have been changing; the wheel changed them as did the invention of printing. Humankind adapts; yurts, and their associated ways of living, may be disappearing from Kyrgustan but several new yurt manufacturing businesses are flourishing in the U.K. where there seems to be a demand for Yurts, some find use in large gardens as extra accommodation, others as homes for folk choosing to live 'alternative' lifestyles.