Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Missing Soul...

Authorities are now looking for another person with a right shoe missing and have grave fears for their safety. This afternoon, just a few minutes ago, another right shoe was found some metres away from this mornings macabre finding and Search and Rescue personnel are mystified and even nonplussed by what seems to be a spate of footwear being found on this beautiful Northland beach.
Something's afoot but what?
More news as it comes to hand.
Once again Authorities are asking anyone who knows anything to contact someone...
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  1. Ahhh..very interesting....something is obviously afoot up North. Now if the photo was taken in the Sounds, my guess would be that they were going to get together for a little soul music....

  2. Is this really what the beach looks like down there(I mean the shells and stars, oh my goddess!!!)or is it another PhotoShop montage tricking us all again??????

    Solange, B.C., Canada

  3. No photoshopping Solange, just the aftermath of a bit of a storm... this beach is usually totally virgin sand. The odd footprint... or two...