Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birds Of A Feather...

To cap off an unusual bout of discoveries on Uretiti Beach, this morning this feather was found by some schoolchildren on holiday here.
It is thought to have come from an artistically designed hat belonging to one Alice Treadwell who went missing while wearing her wonderful creation on Tuesday 14 March, 1956 as she was ambulating on this very stretch of sand.
She was never seen again.
'That is the exact feather she wore' said her long time friend, Phyllis Footloose, now 106 years old and living in a resthome just north of Cape Reinga. 'I would never, ever, forget that feather or that wonderful hat', said Phyllis.
Asked what the secret was for her longevity, she said, 'I can't remember...'
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  1. Phyllis and Alice..... typical scenario of the saying " Bird of a feather, flock, oh, somewhere.....dammit, I've forgotten, too....Wherever they flocked off to, a great photo, anyway.