Sunday, July 4, 2010

Aotearoa One...

Aotearoa One returns to her berth at Gulf Harbour after taking a group of young people out for a glorious day's sail on Auckland's Hauraki Gulf.
Built to traditional Waka plans, she is constructed with modern day technology and can carry fifty people.
Aotearoa, the Maori name for New Zealand meaning 'Land Of The Long White Cloud' represents the Maori and Polynesian cultures and the English word 'One' standing for all New Zealanders being one people, returns with many other yachts and launches to the marina.
They were surrounded by a pod of maybe a hundred dolphins as they neared
the tranquil entrance.
But that was yesterday...
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  1. Beautiful colours in your photo......And awesome catty....

  2. Sailing..going to put that on my to do list. Looks fun!