Friday, June 17, 2011

To Whom It May Concern...

To the ignorant, arrogant, lazy, littering bastards who left their rubbish for others to clean up at New Zealand's beautiful Kaiaua Shellbank, I have this to say to you. Not that you are likely to read it because you are probably illiterate.
I'm a placid man, not one prone to violence, but your actions have tended to take me over an invisible edge and so, for you, I'm prepared to make an exception.
If I ever find you depositing your litter anywhere in my beautiful country other than a rubbish facility, I will somehow tie you up, cut off your genitalia with a blunt and rusty instrument, stuff it in your mouth, pour petrol over you, leave you lying in some fresh cow dung and then, then you cretins, I might really get nasty...
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  1. If there is more than 10 of them you will probably need a hand - so give me a call and i will be there to help - with pleasure.

  2. What a shame :-( . I just can't believe what I see on your pictures. We didn't find a single piece of rubbish when we visited this nice spot.
    Thank you for taking care.

  3. I feel the same way when I visit the lovely creeks and rivers here in the Missouri Ozarks. I always take a trash bag, and have actually threatened people.