Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tiny House On Wheels...

I found this tiny house on wheels sometime ago, parked up on its way from somewhere
to some other place.
Approximately four metres long and two metres wide, it's a lightweight, towable, simple little home for when you wish to stay where you are or get away from it all...

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  1. That is the first outhouse I have seen with sliding glass doors (grin).

  2. DD, it's actually a little house you take with you when you're going out...

  3. FT, do you have any other information about this tiny house?

    1. It would have been commercially built somewhere in Auckland NZ. If you're in New Zealand it might be easy to check the registration plate number with the Transport Dept and find out who owns it. They will have info on it...

    2. Love it but anything is a tiny house if its smaller then the house your moving from lets face it some people leave 5,000 sq ft to 400 so it depends on what you have up

  4. Hey, looks very cool. Do you have any internal pics?