Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tickets Please...

Cambodia has had over the last few years, one of the worst train networks in the world. So locals in the northeast city of Battambang created their own rail system using bamboo and abandoned train wheels.
Powered by a small engine with a series of fanbelts attached somehow to the wheels, they speed along at about 40kph with 20 people on board.
There's no first class, no dining car and you can't book a seat. There are none.
Locals call them 'Norries'.
Tourists call them 'Bamboo Trains'.
And of course the bureaucrats are tying to de-rail them...

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  1. I think the world would function just fine without governments and huge corporations.

  2. That's a fine dream Frann but as long as they would keep out of the lives people wish to live I'm happy...