Monday, December 17, 2012

Chinese Factory Workers And The Toys They Make...

German photographer Michael Wolf visited the five toy factories in Mainland China where seventy five percent of the world's toys are manufactured.
He's documented The Real Toy Story.
The retail price of one high quality toy sold in the western market is often more than six months salary for a Chinese toy worker.
While I've no wish to reduce the already meager earnings of these toy factory workers who work in abysmal conditions, I suggest you give consideration to buying products made in your own country.
I know that here in New Zealand,
if we don't buy buy more locally manufactured products, it will be bye bye New Zealand...

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  1. I always try to support the local people and the small businesses first.

  2. It's already bye bye New Zealand IMHO, however it's not often one reads one of your posts with a political base and it makes a great contrast without detracting from the interesting topic.Always interesting.

    1. And just for your information (FYI), IMHO evidently stands for 'In My Honest Opinion'...

  3. It can be a chore to try and find what's made locally, but it's worth it.