Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wouldn't It Be Tempting To Try A Tiny Fold-Up Accommodation On Wheels...

A tiny, fold-up and take-away accommodation tent atop a vehicle is a very tempting solution to the need to get away from it all.
Without spending squillions on a dedicated vehicle with all the home away from home comforts that you don't really need.
If you can dream it, there's a way to do it...

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  1. Mmm... But I lile my home away from home comforts

  2. more info on that first vehicle please!

    1. Sorry Adam, I can't help you there but if I do find out something more, I'll let you know...

    2. Hey, Adam. Good news! When I saw this post, I knew exactly where that first vehicle was from! It's called the Phoenix, is based on a VW bus...and you can by plans for it! Enjoy!