Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nineteen Year Old Brandon Yelavich aka Alexander Supertramp Intends To Be The First Person To Walk Around The Entire New Zealand Coastline...

Many have considered it.
Nobody has ever done it. It's too daunting.
You really need to be only nineteen to consider it and Brando fortunately doesn't know how daunting it might be. He's sure to find out.
This is undoubtedly his Everest.
His loving parents are fearful for their son but support him in his endeavour.
Brandon was inspired to do this walk by the wonderful film Into The Wild, the true story of Christopher McCandless who re-named himself Alexander Supertramp and abandons the life of comfort his parents wealth could provide to pursue the freedom of life on the road.
This road less travelled takes him to the great Alaskan wilderness where eventually he eats some poisonous berries and unfortunately pays the ultimate sacrifice.
Brando has taken to using the name Alexander Supertramp. I hope he has more luck with it.
He walked into Utea Park at Huketere just metres from New Zealand's famous Ninety Mile Beach. The Flying Tortoise and I had been there for some days partaking of the bounty of the sea.
Young Supertramp had three fresh fish tied to his decorated walking stick.
He'd earlier found a dead shark on the beach, cut some strips of flesh for bait, walked into the sea with his collapsable fishing rod and caught the fish.
We cooked his fish, gave him dinner and made him comfortable for the night in a little cabin.
He'd walked his first sixty eight kilometres since his father and uncle had driven him to New Zealand's furtherest northern point, Cape Reinga, three days earlier.
They watched as the young son and nephew started a journey that will take a minimum of 6431 kilometres and possibly over seventeen thousand kilometres.
They know this journey will be life changing and will take some time.
Dyslectic young Supertramp who also has ADHD and has had his share of trouble with the law doesn't intend to end life the way his hero did and has a copy of Andrew Crowe's Native Edible Plants of New Zealand to guide him on his journey of self sufficiency.
This endearing young man wears a tattoo,
a family motto, which says What goes around comes around and in the end only kindness matters.
Go well my young friend Supertramp...  

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  1. A young man living his dream. I hope he completes his journey and no doubt many adventures on the way.

  2. I certainly wish the best of luck to this young man. I hope he makes it all the way around.

  3. and what a wonderful experience to share with his children and grandchildren.

  4. Ah, to be 19 and crazy again -as opposed to 54 and crazy. I wish the young man all the best.

    Christopher McCandless did a series of errors that put him in an eventual fatal situation. Sad story.

    Hope the new Supertramp brings joy to the name.

  5. Good mornng from Ireland,
    A lovely post.I hope that young lads journey will be a success, and success need not be tied to having to complete the total circumnavigation. The fact of starting the journey in itself and hopefully becoming a more enlightened person by being at peace with himself and his own troubles and dreams should give a level of success that many people aspire to but never achieve. That,and getting to know his own country and it`s environment at such an intimate level will make for a trip that he will never forget.
    Tony Lawlor.
    p.s. Those are fine looking fish that he has caught.What species are they?

    1. The fish species is called Kahawai and it's found throughout New Zealand. It's a great sports fish and is a lot of fun on light tackle. It can be caught in the surf and in relatively shallow waters. The trick is to bleed the fish immediately. It's delicious smoked, marinated and eaten raw or filleted and pan fried. In the land of Oz it's known as Australian Salmon...

    2. Thanks for your reply to my query about the Kahawai.Maybe someday I might get a chance to try and catch one. Love your blog.

  6. all the best Brando! you are being missed! good luck xo

  7. Great write up :) http://www.facebook.comrunningfullanz/ this is my page if you want to follow my updates

  8. Hello from the United States, what a great story. To be young again and have all that energy. I wish him well.

  9. Great adventure but a massive undertaking, especially when he gets to the West Coast of the South Island. Bed for him here in Nelson, when he gets down this way; oldwalrus.john@gmail.com

  10. Inspiring project ...good cause don't forget to go to ... http://www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/AroundTheCoast/

  11. Hi Keith, a beautifully written storey, Brando expects to cross the Kaipara Harbour tomorrow morning with the help of a local fisherman. Brando's Dad - Todd Yelavich

  12. Sometimes it is really good for folks who don't fit the norm to head off into their own adventure. Life is short and one must strive for the ultimate adventure, for their age and time. I certainly hope he has identified the mistakes his namesake made, so he can avoid them and live to a ripe old age.

  13. im from baghdad , iraq and i saw the movie 3 days before i write this comment and what a wonderful movie , and i found this blog by Coincidence when i looking for the real cristopher photos in google images , well i think this brave guy finish his adventure now and back safely to his family and i hope he learn the real goal of this adventure which is something really really big for any humanbeing not just doing some fun or spent time and thank you for reading my comment

  14. What a Grand Adventure! I wish him well!

  15. Good Luck on your Grand Adventure! A long walkabout is good for inner peace.

  16. 'I Now Walk Into The Wild'