Monday, September 21, 2015

The Last Post...

It's time. I've decided.
I've given it serious consideration.
It's been wonderful and now it's time to say goodbye. It's time to go. And time too, to take another step back away from society.
Witnessing what is happening in the world on a daily basis is not a happy experience any more.
So much of it has become far too upsetting and depressing and it's hard not being affected by it.
Greed, speed, need and creed have got to me.
The internet is a wonderful thing. It rules the world but it's not going to rule mine.
I will miss the research, the creative writing process, but there are other things to do.
There'll be more time for fishing.
I have enjoyed immensely, the nearly seven years of writing and publishing well over two thousand posts without missing a day.
And now it's time to take my simple life
in The Flying Tortoise and simplify it further.
I have delighted in my role as a social commentator and I shall keep doing that
but with the spoken word,
performing using rhyme and guitar.
I want to thank you all very much for following, for commenting and being part of this blog and my life for the last long time and for visiting here many thousands of times each week.
And millions of times over the years.
I am just completing my first seventy years and am looking forward to doing some things differently in the next seventy.
I will feel lost for a while I'm sure.
This blog has been a big part of my life over these last few years.
And so too has your wonderful feedback and the many complimentary and encouraging emails. Life will feel strange without this blog.
But I will find myself and perhaps catch up with you somewhere somehow again too.
I will miss you very much. And life moves on.
My love and best wishes to you all...


  1. I am so completely time challenged that I had to check that it was not April1st! :D But awwwww, your online presence will be missed. Though your decision is entirely understandable! Best wishes & blessings on your next adventures. x

  2. Thank you for the wonderful NZ and world experience you communicated.
    Farewell with melancholy ...

  3. Thank you for all your good work,and all the best for the future.

  4. I felt a sense of shock on reading your blog this morning, and I'm sure that feelings verging on grief will have hit many of your readers.
    It has become so much a part of my beginning of the day routine to call up your interesting pics and comments.
    Boohoo for me, but good luck from me to you as well.
    A new door has opened in your lovely life.
    Step through it with confidence and joy.
    In your new life as a performer you will never be alone.
    To create and perform your original work is an opportunity to share, and in sharing, as with your blog, is to feel alive and part of the living organism of which the human race is a part.
    Fly on, and be happy. .....Jennybee

    1. Ditto.
      My morning coffee will not taste the same without your wonderful posts. You are a great person.
      Nicole XOX

  5. I will miss my daily visit im happy you have found the conviction to continue downsizing and wish you all the best.Keith and Cathy.

  6. Thanks, and have a good, a real good live!

  7. Keep on trucking OM. Enjoy the rest of the world.

  8. I will surely miss your blog postings but only you can decide what is best for you and have the courage to do it. I sure hope that you will check in with us from time to tome. If you are ever in my area of the world, I will grab my guitar and we can pick some beautiful music. . . or try to (grin). The best of everything and may good fortune follow you where ever you tread.

  9. Ah Keith, I wish you all the best for whatever, and wherever your next steps take you. Joel.

  10. Dear Keith.
    Today's post is a sad message. For nearly two years I have opened the window to The Flying Tortoise no matter how late I entered my home in the evening.
    I have laughed. Enjoyed beautiful architecture and strange devices. I have shared your grief and sadness of stupid things happening on the precious earth of ours. I have enjoyed the aesthetic of your blog - a pleasure for the eyes. I have loved to read your social comments - especially when you lifted your voice for the ones who are not able to do so.
    You have done a fine and important job with the blog. I'll miss it. But as written in the Bible - 'There is a time for everything'.
    I wish you good luck with the new happenings in your life. And as you have written to us followers for a long time - 'Consider yourself hugged'.

  11. You will be missed (on-line). Enjoy the next 70 year chunk!

  12. Good by for now......have fun whatever you may venture into.


  13. First Lloyd now Keith, my go to bloggers. Enjoy and post a pic of the fish you catch every now and then. Set the hook!

  14. Thanks for a great blog. Your mode of exit is a class act, as your blog has been all along. I'll miss your witty, entertaining, informative & socially conscious posts. For all that I've enjoyed them, I imagine you are making a wise decision in retiring from the blogsphere and - I presume - from the technosphere. It's a great source of information and amusement, but there comes a time when we need to connect with tangible realities, like the way that guitar strings vibrate when we pluck on them (I used to play).

    Your posts have helped inspire my wish to build and inhabit a beautiful vardo, which I still hope to do at some not too distant point up ahead.

    All the best.


  15. Keith I will miss you , I have done the ten deal several times ,in the future I'll do it in your name .It's been a pleasure knowing you. Time changes everything Keep us posted from time to time . God Bless

  16. Sad to see you go but good luck with your next venture. We will catch up one day. Barbara

  17. Well, crap! First Lloyd Kahn, and now you. Not that I have any basis on which to complain, I didn't put my website back up after it went kablooey.

    Yours was the last blog/forum/journal that I was bothering to read anymore. The 'net is a colder and lonelier place after this.

    Go well.


  18. Thank you for all the entertainment you have provided over the years and good luck with whatever lies in your future.

  19. Keith,

    So long and thanks for all the fish that you have shared with us.


  20. Wishing you great joy and a sense of giddy freedom in your new and renewed passions. Its been fun traveling along by your side.

  21. Thank you so much for all the love, laughter and time you put in this blog. It is greatly appreciated and know that I always read your post as a shining gem to be found in the large pile of otherwise depressing, non-important, time-wasting flow of internet news.

    Your witty, funny and positive news will be missed. Take care and all the joy and love for the next seventy years and all your future endeavours.

  22. You have written some wonderful, informative & challenging posts on your blog Keith. I will miss it.
    Have fun, laugh & be happy as you fly into the future with your amazing creativity.

  23. All good things.... I'll miss your wit and your unique worldly prospective. Safe travels and thanks for the ride.

  24. Thank you for all the work. I have enjoyed over the past 4 years.

    It is my sincere hope that you are able to see past the shortcomings of humanity and see the joy in the world again.

    I will keep your blog in my reader in the event that you need to scratch the writing itch again.


  25. Estimado amigo, ha sido un placer seguirle a diario y a muchos nos va a hacer falta esa pequeña dosis de optimismo y compromiso social. Tenga usted una vida llena de experiencias positivas y felices. Un fuerte abrazo.

  26. I haven't been following your work very long but I will miss your take on the world. I completely understand the need to withdraw from the chaos that is this world that erupts around us with each new orbit. May the rain fall softly. May the sun shine gentle. May each new day burst with possibility. Find the beauty that hides in the world, it is there and I know You will find it. Many happy days........

  27. Wish you the best in all your future endeavors. May the road be smooth and your lines be tight. Always remember this, you made a difference and will be missed.
    Good Diggin


  28. Thank you Keith for writing this blog as long as you have. It has been a staple of my routine for some time. But change can be a good thing for all of us, and I do understand and share your mixed feelings about the internet. Good luck to you! Enjoy your freedom!

  29. Oh my, I am sooo sad. Yes, I am tearing up. We live across the world yet I feel as though you are one of my best friends. I love your blog and as many have said here, I look forward to hearing from you every day. I'm going to be 65 soon and I understand what you are saying about the world. When sitting by the camp fire, look up at our moon and know that you are loved. Loved by someone you have not even met in person. Love is what you have given us. Thank you for that. We will always think of you, so please give a shout out once in awhile and should you ever make it to Oregon - look me up. You will have a home and good meals waiting for you! P.S. I want to hear about your new adventures ---- don't go away!!!! Now I have to go hide under the covers. Sob!

  30. Thanks Kieth for all you have given to all of us through your blog. May you enjoy you new journey.

  31. Plato said that for some of us it is best that we retire to our farms in the country, rather than to continue to be hurt by the politics of the city. The internet is our city now, and the cities in which we live are full of others who are largely (politically) apathetic. The city is a safe place for me now, but not the Internet. I can foresee a time when I want to switch the digital world off, but then, what would I write/philosophise about?

    Safe travels. You will be missed. I will miss you.

  32. Pilgrim here,

    I have been reading your blog for years and hope you have a great rest of your life. Thanks for the wisdom, humor, and enthusiasms you have shared with us all.

  33. Thank you so much for enriching our online world!

  34. Thank you and goodbye. See you on the road, sometime.

  35. I love all those blog comments.
    What a wonderful lot of loving and understanding people you have come close to all over the world.
    You have done a lot of good for an old carmudgeon though you might be.
    A charming and insightful one, and one willing to show that to share what you have in this world is the beginning of peace in our time.
    We all love you.....jennybee

  36. Interesting that i've recently come to the same conclusion and have ditched my social media and many of the blogs I read (yours making the exception).
    Thank you for all that you did, even if it sometimes was only to bring a smile to my face.
    Wishing you the best in your new endeavours.

  37. Hey there Keith, I have loved reading your posts. Hope the next chapter is rich and exciting. All the best and happy travels in the tortoise. :) Kim

  38. May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields.
    And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

  39. Noooooooooooooooooo!
    That was my initial response, a purely selfish one too.
    I have 'flitted' in and out of your blog for a few years now, and it always had something of interest to 'say' to me. I was most interested in your flying tortoise, your lifestyle, your adventures, your life.
    My DH also completes his first 70 years next week, and so I can understand the need for a new adventure. We are giving up house living, and going to live/tour in our old caravan 'Compo' for a few years.
    Thanks for the companionship of the last few years, I hope we meet up on the NZ road/beach sometime. We will be based somewhere in North Island. Come and park Flying Tortoise next to Compo and share a happy hour or two.

  40. Farewell & safe travels Keith- where will I find the weird, the wonderful and the downright unbelievable now. I'll look out for you on the road. Enjoy your space.

  41. Will keep in touch with cheerful news by email

  42. Keith, I have loved reading this blog as it is mostly filled with kindness and a gentler side of the internet. I shall miss it terribly as we all need more of that in our lives.Safe journey! I hope you still will be answering snail mail and email.

  43. All the best for the future Kieth. Don't forget to send us the link to where you are going to post your rhythm and guitar performances. Your honesty will missed.

  44. I have really enjoyed this blog! Enjoy yourself.

  45. I will miss You, very much! Happy travels!!

  46. The food of a healthy soul is praise and when giving it, praise can never be redundant. There is really nothing I can add that everyone has not already said so just picture me on the other side of the world drooling my admiration as I connect with you in the written word and then in my thoughts after I put the period at the end of the sentence.

  47. There isn't much to say that hasn't been said already and wonderfully well. I can only add that I have the same feelings, sometimes though, writing a post is what brings me up instead of down, but turning off the whole thing would answer that as well...
    Wishing you great joyful and peaceful diversions during the cold turkey time and a lot of laughter at the other end of that and the beginnings ahead. MJ

  48. Goodbye Keith ! . . gonna miss you !. . CHEERS ! . . Lloyd

  49. Wonderful accolades you have been sent not only from New Zealand but from around the world. You have given many people a lot of pleasure, you can be truly proud.

  50. Sad to see you go but understand it has to be. I am ever so grateful upon stumbling on your blog and reading your words.

    All the best for the future, whatever it may hold.

  51. Your decision is completely understood. Here's thanking you for your blog over the years. Enjoy your next seventy years

  52. Don't forget your flower drum and your bong.

  53. I've seen most of, if not all, of your posts and log in every few days to catch up. I've always wondered if I might someday jump in a plane, cross the ocean and find the sun setting on your tiny home.

    I've enjoyed your posts, and who knows? Maybe in 5 years you'll find another reason to blog. :)

  54. Congratulations Keith and thank you.

  55. We've been checking back here to see if you had a change of heart but alas, no.
    We are on opposite sides of the world and will sadly never meet but we felt you are a good and trusted friend in a place we will never see.
    You came to us as the conscience of New Zealand and we will deeply miss you.
    In our hearts and minds will always picture you in The Flying Tortoise looking out over the beauty of the land you love.
    Thank-you and Farewell.

  56. Sad for us, wonderful for you. Thank you, go well, enjoy. Ann.

  57. Keith! I haven't looked at your blog for a while and today serendipity caused me to open up and read your final message and all these gorgeous messages from your on line friends. Thank you for the graceful aesthetic of the presentation of this blog. It's been appreciated by so many and by me too. You will remain my 'icon' and I hope to find you on a beach somewhere, sometime. If I see you first I'll put the coffee on! kia kaha - Susanne

  58. I have loved looking at this blog over the past two years. Best wishes on your continuing Thoreauvian adventures!

  59. another good thing that left the internet

  60. Thanks for everything ... may safe travels, happy days, cool water and delightful conversation and music be yours. We'll meet again ... don't know where, don't know when ...

  61. Missing your humor desperately as the world goes to Hell in a hand-basket.

  62. Yes, missing you like an old friend that's gone away. Some things in life make you feel grounded. This blog was one of them.

  63. Sylvia North CarolinaSeptember 13, 2016 at 12:21 AM

    Missing Keith as well. If you are checking this at all, hope you are well.

  64. Be well, Keith. Just dropped by to see if you checked in.

  65. Just want to let you know, you are still miss. I hope you are doing well and still enjoying life to it's fullest.

    Take care of yourself.

  66. Hoping you are well. Just knowing you are out in the world, though you are missed here, gives me hope & peace.